What are Ambiance Videos?

First of all - what they are not are recordings of news or major events of any kind. Second - they do not have any drama or plot. Third - they have no professional or amateur actors, although people, all going about their business, do show up in the shots.

So then, what are they? They are just simple shots (with audio) that record and convey the relaxed atmosphere of various spots at Negril's wonderful Tree House Resort.

Visuals of the Tree House Beach Resort Hotel

Ambiance videos, as opposed to photos, are a great means by which for people to experience the actual realities of places like this resort. So go ahead and view some of these videos to experience for yourself the lovely, relaxed tranquility of this lovely place. If you will turn up your volume you will also better hear the pleasant surrounding sounds that have been captured with the images.

Here's a video showing the typical daily beach activity right in front of the Tree House Resort.

And here's a view of some kids playing in the pool behind the Tree House's beach bar followed by the activities going on at the same time under the bar's roof.

Here's a video of the world renowned (harumph, harumph) Allen, the resort's colorful jerk meat cook and server working away in the beach cook shack. He paused a bit to do a little jiving with us.

And here's a clip of Allen's assistant cleaning up after they both finished their work.

Shifting scenes, here is a panoramic view of the beautiful grounds of the resort wherein a couple of its patrons are having a pleasant lunch out on their room's veranda.

Below is a shot of more of the tranquility found within the resort's grounds in the afternoon.

You'll notice that a Jamaican national happened to walk thru in this video. Her presence here speaks very well for this resort because local people like her know the lay of the land, therefore they are very discriminating about their pick of a hotel. So when they stay at the Tree House, you can be sure that it's good place with reasonable prices.

In both of the above videos, you can see the loveliness of the verandas set within the resort's lush, tropical vegetation. The trees, flowering plants and bushes are all beautiful to behold and they also serve the practical purpose of muffling some of the noise coming from the nearby main road which services the 7 mile beach resorts.

Next, here's a video of one of the resort's workers casually cleaning up the open balcony of one of the resort's buildings while some gentle reggae music plays soothingly in the background.

Below is a protracted view at dusk of the restfulness of the ocean, gently lapping the shore in front of the beach bar with the resort's boats at anchor for the night.

Next is a video of an interesting grass roofed restaurant building and its patrons and visitors, which is situated nearby on the beach.

Here's a video of the road outside of the resort wherein I've highlighted one of its gorgeous towering fan-palm trees.

And finally here's a video of Negril's colorful craft park with its many quaint shops a couple of miles away, just on the outskirts of downtown Negril.

I think that I've posted enough ambiance videos for you to get a pretty good feel for just what it's like to actually stay at this Negril beach resort hotel. Now you might want to go on and check out the website of the Tree House Resort for complete information on it. You also may want to look at tripadvisor.com where you'll find some 50+ reviews by its past patrons, many of whom state that they return to the Tree House repeatedly.

If, after your research, you decide to book up with the resort, please vote below about the significance of this blog in your vacation place decision making process.

Thank you - Jim H